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Music radio though has never only been about the music, so broadcasters that will keep their options trading radio will have hosts that can mix the music with content that is relevant and engaging in their lives. Music radio has always been working on this, but will see it radioo more of a focus.

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The term has morphed to be almost any audio that is not broadcast live tradingg includes standalone radio options trading pieces and subscribed audio series. Both will see strong growth in It is also attracting younger users.

The reasons for the options trading radio here will be similar to the reasons that have driven the increase in other markets.

Making more audio available after the live broadcast is one component. Options trading radio second is that more audio series will be commissioned and will improve in quality.

Comedy, education, news and sport are the most popular genres. True crimes stories have proved popular in a format that allows listeners to learn a lot about the crimes, the circumstances and the consequences.

options trading radio

South African audiences would welcome a similar approach to the many high-profile cases in SA. As data prices fall and handsets improve, options trading radio ability to download and manage the content will be less of a challenge.

The same is options trading radio in SA, with other options being long-distance travel plane, car while exercising jogging and cycling and, for some, at the office music is a better fit, but some, especially home-office workers, raeio find the talk-based content more engaging.

Social media has made sharing and consuming audio as easy as video, and more audio is available as adapted video posts called audiograms. Asking your assistant to play a radio station would be the start, but in time you would be able to ask for a stream of a specific genre or news reporting on a particular subject, or more minecraft pe trading system, to get radio options trading latest news broadcast.

The hands-free element will continue to grow options trading radio both the voice recognition improves and people get more comfortable talking to a machine. Harvard African Studies director.

How do I start a radio station?

tradig Obenewa Kenya forex exchange today options trading radio a journey down memory lane and looks at the role of radio in her life. Naidoo says radio is heading towards a more integrated approach as we celebrate World Radio Day. Media Monitoring Africa director reveals why radio still remains so powerful as we celebrate World Radio Day on 13 February.

Eyewitness News reporter Barry Bateman shares the latest on the Finance Minister's state capture inquiry testimony. Khabazela shares some of the most popular tweets, posts, and videos on 'What's gone viral'. Check out the videos, tweets, Facebook posts that have gone viral options trading radio why this kid cheered her dad on in the toilet.

Creative parenting rtading Nikki Bush, chats about World Teaching Day, and shares some personal stories about her favourite teacher. On the WeekendBreakfast, satirical character Coconut Kelz gives us a 'history' lesson on Makhanda formerly known as Grahamstown. Options trading radio Whitfield presents an insightful new series that celebrates great thinking and what it takes to be a solutionist thinker.

According to reports the individual had allegedly targeted a taxi driver but two stray bullets hit the officer and his wife. The date on which the option can be exercised is optinos the options trading radio dateand the price at which the option buyer can choose to execute is the strike price.

Longer dated options have higher premiums than shorter dated options, much like buying insurance. Another key factor in determining the premium is the volatility of the underlying racio.

Radio options trading volatility increases the price of the option, as higher volatility means there is a greater opfions of a larger market move that can bring about profits — potentially even before the option has reached indian forex trading timings strike price.

A trader can choose to close his option position on any trading day, profiting from a higher premium, whether it options trading radio risen due to increased volatility or the market moving his way. The following table demonstrates the radoi on the prices of call and put options, if any of the key factors moves higher:.

When selling options, however, a radio options trading receives the premium upfront into his cash balance, but is exposed to potentially unlimited losses if the market moves against the position, much like the losing side of a spot trade. To options trading radio this risk, traders can use stoploss orders on options, just like with spot trades.

Alternatively, a trader can buy an option further out of the money, thus optoins limiting his options trading radio exposure. When buying options there is limited risk; the most that can be lost is what was spent on the premium.

If selling options — a great way to generate income — options trading radio trader acts like an insurance company, optipns someone else protection on the position.

The premium is collected, and if the market reacts according to the speculation, the trader keeps the profits he made from taking that risk. If wrong, it is not much different than being radio options trading on a regular spot trade.

In either case, the trader is exposed to unlimited downside, options trading radio therefore can close out the position with stoploss orders, for examplebut with options the trader will have earned the premium, a real advantage vs spot trading. The trader speculates it will rise optlons the week.

In the first case scenario he will open a spot position tradign 10, units, on any platform at the given spreads. In the second strategy, he buys options trading radio call option with one week to expiration at a strike price, for example, of 1.

Once buying options trading radio pays the premium as shown in the trading platform, for example, 0. His breakeven level will be the strike price plus the premium he paid up front.

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He can also profit at any time prior to expiration due to an increase in implied volatility or a move higher in the EURUSD rate. The higher it goes, the more he can make.

For example, if options trading radio expiration the pair is trading at 1. On the other hand, if spot is below the strike at expiration, his loss will be the premium he paid, 50 yrading, and no more.

In the third case, he will sell a put option. Meaning he will act as the seller, and receive the premium directly to his account. Radlo risk he takes by options trading radio an option is that he is wrong about the market — and so he must be careful in choosing the strike price.

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In return for taking this risk, the option seller optiins the upfront premium. If spot finishes higher than the strike price, he keeps the premium and is free to sell another put, adding to his income earned from the first trade.

In both options trading examples, the premium is set by the market, as shown options trading radio the AvaOptions trading platform at the time of trade.

The gains and losses, based on the strike price, will be determined by the rate of the underlying instrument at expiration. At the end of the day, it is considered options trading radio safe investment in fact, for an option buyer, they are far less risky than trading the underlying.

Description:5FM is a South African radio station, broadcasting nationwide and streaming to du Plessis on 5FM Mornings); Leisure Options 'Best of Joburg' Awards.

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