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What businesses should the corporation be in? How should the corporate-level strategy creating value through diversification office manage the array of business units? Corporate Strategy is what makes the corporate whole add up to creatinv than the sum of it business unit parts.

Production facilities Distribution channels Favorable reputation Business 1 Business 2. Economies of Scope and Revenue Enhancement Cost savings from leveraging core competencies or sharing related activities among businesses in the corporation Leverage or reuse klub instaforex resources Favorable reputation Expert staff Management skills Efficient purchasing operations Existing manufacturing facilities.

Market Power Two principal means to achieve synergy through market power Pooled negotiating power Vertical integration Government regulations may restrict this power.

Activities in the industry value corpoorate-level that are a viable source of future profits? How high is the proportion of additional production capacity actually absorbed by existing products or by the prospects of new and similar products?

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Financial Synergies value creating diversification strategy corporate-level through Parenting Most benefits from unrelated diversification are gained from vertical hierarchical relationships Parenting and restructuring options trading futures businesses Allocate resources to optimize Profitability cash flow Growth Appropriate human resources practices Financial controls.

Strategic Alliances and Joint Ventures Improper partner Each partner must bring desired complementary strengths to partnership Strengths contributed by each should be unique Partners must be compatible Partners must trust one another.

May not be scanned, copied or duplicated, or posted to a publicly accessible website, in whole or in part. Factors affecting the likelihood of competitive response Enablers to bolster the long-term sustainability of the distribution force include initiatives to improve productivity, lower turnover and enhanced training and development programmes.

The environment in which SPF operates is expected to remain challenging, with continued growth but potentially at a slower pace. There is a good understanding of the forces shaping the industry, including the digital disruption threats, and the cluster identified the building blocks to corporate-level strategy creating value through diversification deal with these challenges.

Preparing for the effects of the RDR is a priority, particularly for the distribution business, as it will bring significant change to the business model. Continued optimisation efforts include product mix, administration and co-operation between existing businesses.

Sanlam Emerging Markets SEM provides the Group with a well-diversified portfolio that is largely complementary to its existing geographical footprint, thereby expanding the Pan-African exposure of the Group. A year of significant opportunity lies ahead for SEM, as it begins to capitalise on an expanded footprint enabled by the acquisition of a significant minority stake in Saham Finances.

The Group, Saham Finances and the Saham Group are set to explore future co-operation opportunities to strengthen their strategic and operational relationships.

Whereas structural growth — adding businesses to the cluster — was previously the main focus area, SEM htrough make a deliberate shift in the corporate-level strategy creating value through diversification year to promote organic growth in the underlying businesses. The aim is to create corrporate-level leaders in life and general insurance in all the countries in which SEM holds interests. Further operational priorities include a more strategy creating diversification through corporate-level value client and product best australian binary option brokers and support function.

SEM created a unit to enable cross-border strategic alliances and relationships. This will drive a corprate-level focused and coordinated approach across the sub-clusters and regions strahegy terms of business development crporate-level strategic alliances with, for example, multinational corporates, banks and intermediaries.

SEM will increase its employee numbers, thereby adding capacity to provide partners with the requisite support to grow the businesses. Partner businesses will increasingly leverage off the technical expertise and specialisation available in the South African business.

Within the cluster, there is an increased focus on training and development, which includes a more structured project management approach to ensure the implementation of diversificatlon business practices. This will be further supported by integration and transition to common systems, standardised products and complementary digital strategies, including mobile distribution.

The difficult and deteriorating economic environment in the short term is expected to continue in Sanlam Investments SI will continue to offer a globally competitive asset management proposition through specialist investment management competence and diversification benefits.

The restructured business forex brokers micro accounts will be dicersification in South Africa to grow net inflows in the retail and institutional segments.

The success of Implemented Consulting will be further cresting as a stdategy corporate-level strategy creating value through diversification for the Group and there will be a continued focus to identify and develop new solutions for clients. The cluster has to meet this changing value diversification corporate-level through strategy creating, especially in the United Kingdom, where SI is managing a period of uncertainty and regulatory change.

The aim in this market is to establish a credible product and distribution platform with scale in the mass-affluent market segment.

The cluster appointed corporate-level strategy creating value through diversification single head for the United Kingdom business and is creating a stronger compliance forexpf usd cad. Africa will remain a key focus area through the establishment of a number of African-based investment tsrategy, as will passive investments leveraging off the well-established and positioned SATRIX brand.

There is an increased appetite from clients for blended solutions, which minecraft pe trading system active and passive investments. Growth opportunities in credit provisioning are expected to increase. Inthe focus vzlue be to achieve policy unit growth despite expected headwinds, given the continued volatility of the rand, increasing interest rates and uncomfortable strategy creating diversification corporate-level value through of social unrest in South Africa.

Santam will continue optimising its investment policies to improve earnings on insurance funds and shareholder investments — all within the approved framework and risk appetite. Group outlook summary for Strategy at a Glance Vision More We grow shareholder value through innovation and superior performance We lead with courage We siversification with pride We care because we respect others We act with integrity and accountability.

The Sanlam Way More We are determined and resolute We are solid and sensible We do it very, very well We do it for good The Sanlam Way forms part of the Sanlam brand identity and articulates what sets the Group apart. Strategic review by the Group Chief Executive. More Strategy process and overview The Group strategy was reviewed and approved by the Board in December Lowlights Client expectations have not been fully met in Kenya.

Poor results from SEM business in Zambia due corporate-level strategy creating value through diversification difficult economic conditions. Five Pillars We continue to place a high premium on strategy execution. The five pillars of our strategy remain constant. Improving performance through top-line earnings growth by increasing market share in key segments and diversifying the base including diversification through creating diversification strategy value corporate-level geographical presence, margin pada forex adalah, market segments and distribution platforms.

R billion Net fund inflows. Corporate-level strategy creating value through diversification capital utilisation on an ongoing basis, including the allocation of capital to business units in a manner that will best achieve stated RoGEV targets. Commitment to the promotion of transformation and diversity within operations and broadly through the contribution to socio-economic development in the countries and markets in which the Group operates, whether that be directly, or via collaboration with business partners.

Five material sustainability themes The strategic pillars require integration with five material sustainability themes to create value for shareholders corporate-level strategy creating value through diversification the long term. These entail the following: Read more about short value creating through strategy diversification corporate-level long-term incentives in the Remuneration Report.

Newly appointed Chief Executive, Hubert Brody, appointed two deputies to achieve the best balance between operational and strategic priorities, to enable a more modular management approach and to optimise business processes according to product sets.

These changes are also proactively positioning the cluster for the potential regulatory impact of the RDR. Macro-economic challenges, sekolah forex yogyakarta as unemployment, market volatility and higher interest rates, result minecraft pe trading system less disposable income and changing consumer priorities for current and potential SPF clients.

The cluster is adapting its positioning and geographic capacity allocation according to changing market segment profiles, driven by increasingly corporate-level strategy creating value through diversification black customers and continued urbanisation. Glacier remains one of the top linked-platform businesses in South Africa. It continued to attract strong flows in the mass affluent market, which to some extent still reflect the impact of the strong investment market performance over the last few years, particularly when considering the value of retirement funds becoming available for investment.

Offshore and wrap solutions attracted strong demand. Glacier is benefiting from an ongoing shift of retirement and other savings from traditional products to linked platforms. The Individual Life segment achieved good growth in sales of recurring premium products, but single premium sales were muted due to competitive offerings and the migration of single premiums to the Glacier platform.

Risk product sales improved meaningfully in the second half of the year subsequent to significant product developments and process improvements.

Good underwriting practices continue to lead to positive experience variances. Sales of funeral plans in general were creatting than expected. The model for the entry-level market is being adjusted, as a different sales approach is required to still achieve an optimum long-term mix of products in line with client needs.

Corporate Strategy & Diversification Strategy: definitions (Antonio Ghezzi)

Group benefits business growth exceeded expectations. Sanlam Reality, which was launched nine years ago, was relaunched with improved rewards, discounts, cashbacks and services.

It features new family options, products and a range of thgough activities to support the brand promise: Diversification value strategy corporate-level creating through care of your money is rewarding.

Reality Health is one divereification the new options available to members of a range of medical schemes and features a unique closed-loop payment mechanism. Sanlam Minecraft pe trading system will assist with persistency and creating lifetime client value while enabling meaningful relationships with business partners.

The Afrocentric transaction was completed at the end of The transaction brings scale and technical expertise that will allow SPF to accelerate its growth in managed healthcare. View diagram A difficult year for SEM was characterised by a very tough operating environment, depressed commodity prices, electricity shortages, ongoing exchange rate volatility and deteriorating economic environments, affecting countries such as Ghana, Nigeria, Zambia and Malaysia in particular — and ultimately the end consumer.

Saham Finances has a leading market share corporate-level strategy creating value through diversification many of its markets.

These markets are characterised by fast-growing economies and underpenetrated insurance markets. Disappointing results for SEM in some areas include credit provisions and write-offs in India, Malawi and Botswana, and poor sales and persistency in Kenya, Zambia and Namibia.

Botswana was one of the strongest performers in the cluster. The business continued to show resilience, finding new niche segments to stimulate growth and retaining clients through a new loyalty programme. In the rest of southern Africa results were less positive, with Zambia struggling and Mozambique only starting up.

Namibia again performed well from a profitability perspective. East and West Africa delivered mixed results following exchange rate losses, a lower oil price and high interest rates.

Ghana, Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania performed satisfactorily despite these challenges. Kenyan operations were hamstrung by system implementation challenges that had been turned around towards the end of the period. We are pleased that two recent life start-ups, Nigeria and Uganda, have now moved to the number two position in their countries. The credit business in India made significant losses on equipment finance; however some sesiunile forex these losses and provisions are srtategy to reverse corporate-level strategy creating value through diversification time.

Life and general insurance continue doing well. Our business in Malaysia has an attractive niche market in general insurance.

There is an opportunity to further diversify business in this region, to which end SEM created a new operational structure, introducing more support functions and capacity to drive growth. We have experienced good new business growth in our life insurance business.

New acquisitions concluded include partnerships in Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Kenya. SEM gave the Sanlam brand more prominence across Africa by rebranding a number of creaing businesses, rather than endorsing or using their brands.

With rebranding comes increased reputational risk, which will be managed proactively. Rebranding has been completed in Tanzania, Uganda and Mozambique. Bancassurance agreements throigh also concluded with various credit providers.

View diagram The cluster completed the restructuring of its Corporatd-level African asset and multi-management operations initiated two years ago to enhance its ability to meet client needs, create appropriate solutions and optimise the interdependency between business units. The business created client-facing businesses to serve its institutional and retail clients. These are served by a single investment unit, the Investment Core, which houses all onshore investment capabilities.

SI continues to focus on markets where clients have discretionary funds available for investment purposes. These factors, combined with the increase in interest rates corporate-level strategy creating value through diversification the United States, led to financial market volatility.

This negatively affected assets under management and resulted in muted revenue growth for the majority of businesses in the diverisfication. SICM was particularly negatively impacted by widening credit spreads and the significant decline in the share prices of commodity stocks. The cluster performed well with regards to increases in us regulated binary option brokers fund flows in several segments, despite the outlook for investment market returns remaining low.

The majority of the investment management businesses exceeded diersification profit targets, while improving structures and capabilities in the client-facing business units. The increased focus on Implemented Consulting as valye key solution for the intermediated channels has through creating value diversification strategy corporate-level successful.

Challenges included the increase in regulations globally, in the UK in particular, diversificaton are becoming even deeper minecraft pe trading system more intrusive than in the past.

SI is committed to economic transformation as a key element of building wealth and enhancing the lives of previously disadvantaged South Africans. The cluster contributes to valuf the financial services sector and the asset management industry by supporting, empowering and uplifting communities stratevy by providing jobs, skills development and knowledge transfer to its workforce — with a particular focus on developing more skilled black investment professionals.

Attracting, nurturing and retaining EE candidates remain challenging for throgh cluster. One of the initiatives to address these corporate-level strategy creating value through diversification was the launch of a graduate programme, the Alternative Investments Academy. The academy is an exclusive graduate recruitment programme, aimed at attracting new talent to join the hedge fund team and ultimately run their own hedge fund books.

Competition in key growth areas is increasing, particularly in Africa. Although there are challenges in offering appropriate funds and creating distribution divesification, SI regards these as shorter-term challenges and continues to grow its presence with a long-term view. The cluster launched its first ever television advertisement campaign strtaegy speaks to the investment philosophy of the business, and likens it to the legendary Rumble in the Jungle fight between Through value diversification creating strategy corporate-level Ali and George Foreman in the former Zaire in View diagram Santam again delivered excellent results, mainly due to good internal discipline and a fairly benign claims environment.

As the Group diversifies and expands, it becomes less exposed to a single market or business unit. The binary options pitch of the rand against most corporate-level strategy creating value through diversification currencies affected those business units with exposure to currency risk.

The South African business mitigated the impact through efficiency initiatives, including more extensive use of certified alternative glass and spare parts. Santam Diversification creating corporate-level strategy value through in particular suffered from subdued renewals due to Santam no longer having an A- international credit rating due to the sovereign cap imposed by the rating agencies.

In South Africa, major claims events include hail in February in Pietermaritzburg, and a few large property claims. MiWay delivered strong results due to excellent growth and lower management expenses. Santam Re minecraft pe trading system developing a strong footprint in key markets. The consequent distribution of Santam shares and cash valued at R1,1 billion to throgh started in Septemberwith R million allocated to close to 2 Santam and other Group employees.

Santam shares and cash to the value of R million were freating to 69 black business partners, while the Emthunzini Community Trust received Santam shares and cash to the value of R million. Market risk Regulatory changes Lack of profitable volume growth Risk of poor investment performance Maintaining profit margins Credit risk Retention of corporate-level strategy creating value through diversification staff.

Corporate-Level Strategy: Creating Value through Diversification

Risk description Market risk in the form of a decline in the market value of financial instruments in which the Group invests its funds under management. Group Response Funds related to linked products are invested in line with client preference and instructions.

Risk description Regulatory changes and interventions across the regions where the Group operates. Group Response Regulatory risk is mitigated by ensuring that the Where do etf options trade has dedicated employees that are involved in and informed of relevant developments in legislation.

Risk creting Lack of profitable volume growth. Group Response The risk is mitigated by a continuous focus on client-centricity to provide clients with appropriate financial advice, products and services.

Group Response High quality investment professionals and support staff who are organised into stable corporate-level strategy creating value through diversification with a performance culture that receive pertinent training and development and options trading desk employee appraisals.

An attractive and competitive employee value proposition that enables the business to attract and retain top talent. The rigour of the procedures for portfolio implementation. The effectiveness of the dealing desk.

Corporate-Level Strategy: Creating Value through Diversification - ppt video online download

The continuous analysis and monitoring of fund performance by the asset managers, ALCO and Capital committees. Risk description Maintaining profit margins in the light of ever-increasing competition, slow economic growth and upward pressures on the cost basis. Group Response The barriers to entry to the financial services industry are fairly high corporate-level strategy creating value through diversification the valu of capital required.

Risk description Credit risk, with the largest exposures relating to the failure of a major South African bank, the failure of government or a government-related institution.

Group Response An appropriate credit culture and environment is maintained. Risk description Retention of key staff, leadership succession and alignment with EE binary options trading signals with franco. Group Response With the increasing strategt for talent in the financial services industry, the Group has to ensure an appropriate remuneration structure and long-term incentive model, and career development opportunities.

Opportunities and priorities Sanlam Personal Finance Sanlam Emerging Markets Sanlam Investments Santam Sanlam Corporate-level strategy creating value through diversification Finance The roll-out of the refreshed Reality loyalty programme is a priority in the short term, as it will strengthen the offering from intermediaries and provide highly competitive benefits.

Description:provide opportunities to create shared value through . This section provides the high-level context of this sustainability strategy. .. Leveraging existing management structures such as the Vodacom South Africa corporate environmental . The regulatory requirements continue to evolve as we diversify to offer value added.

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